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Our skilled specialists have connections to trusted resources, ensuring your comprehensive well-being.

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The Managing Abstinence in Newborns (MAiN) model of care which provides early pharmacological therapy to otherwise healthy newborns at highest risk for neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) is led and offered by Dr. Allison Ranck

Phoenix Center

The Phoenix Center is a non-profit agency with over 45 years of experience caring for citizens of Greenville County. With a dedicated staff and innovative programs, they take a proactive approach to preventing and treating substance use disorders. They have belief that substance use disorders are both preventable and treatable, and offer an extensive range of services to meet the needs of the community.

Comprehensive Care

Why Choose Us

In addition to our medical services, the Magdalene Clinic is honored to offer you a licensed professional counselor who is able to provide you counseling services to address mental health, trauma, and/or substance use. We also have a Certified Peer Support Specialist who will meet with you and connect you to resources for recovery in the community, as well as provide the comfort and understanding of someone who has been in your shoes before. We understand that getting around can sometimes be difficult, so our counselor and our peer support staff are willing and eager to meet with you during your regular visit to the clinic.

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Directions to the Clinic

We are located at 139 Lila Doyle Dr. on the right side and in front of Oconee Memorial Hospital. If you are coming from the Clemson side, you will turn right at the light to Memorial Drive. At this light, you will see McDonalds and Burger King on the left hand side.

CatBus Routes users can take routes to bus stop #5 (Oconee Memorial Hospital). This bus stop is directly in front of our clinic.
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